What Is A Euro Sham Pillow?

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and comfort to a bedding ensemble, a Euro sham pillow is a key element. This decorative cover is designed specifically for a large square cushion, commonly sized 26 inches by 26 inches, and it’s often used to create a backdrop for the standard, queen, or king-sized pillows you sleep on. Euro shams provide not only an aesthetically pleasing arrangement but also extra support for sitting up in bed to read or watch TV. Now, let’s delve deeper into the world of Euro sham pillows, exploring their purpose, styling tips, and maintenance to help you bring that luxurious hotel room feeling into your own bedroom.

Understanding Euro Sham Pillows

Euro sham pillows are essentially decorative pillow covers that fit over Euro-sized pillows. Unlike regular pillowcases, shams have a more decorative appearance, often featuring flanges around the edges, intricate patterns, embroidery, or buttons, which make them stand out as a decorative item rather than a functional piece of bedding.

The History and Evolution of Euro Sham Pillows

Historically, the concept of shams dates back to Europe, hence the name ‘Euro.’ They were developed to protect pillows from dirt and to showcase the homeowner’s wealth and style through luxurious fabrics and designs. Today, the primary function of Euro shams has shifted towards providing a decorative touch to the bedroom décor, although they still protect the pillow inside.

Materials and Designs

Euro shams come in various materials, ranging from cotton and linen to silk and velvet. The choice of fabric typically depends on the look you’re aiming for, as well as the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. For example, cotton shams are comfortable and easy to clean, while silk and velvet offer a richer, more opulent appearance but might require more careful handling.

As for designs, the options are almost limitless. Plain, solid-colored Euro shams can create a clean and modern look, while those with elaborate patterns or textures can add depth and interest to your bedding ensemble.

Styling With Euro Sham Pillows

Incorporating Euro sham pillows into your bedroom décor can transform the entire ambiance of a room. Here’s how you can effectively style them:

Creating a Coordinated Look

Many bedding sets come with matching Euro shams to ensure a coordinated look. However, if you’re buying them separately, try to select shams that either complement or elegantly contrast your current bedding. For a harmonious appearance, pick up colors from your comforter, duvet cover, or bedroom color scheme.

Layering and Arrangement

Layering is the key to making your bed look plush and inviting. Position your Euro sham pillows at the back, resting against the headboard or wall. Then, place your standard pillows in front. Layer smaller decorative pillows or a lumbar pillow at the very front to create a sophisticated, multi-dimensional effect.

Mixing Textures and Patterns

Do not be afraid to mix textures and patterns when it comes to Euro shams. This can add visual intrigue and depth to the bed. If you choose a bold pattern for your Euro shams, balance it with solid or subtler patterns on other bedding elements. Conversely, if your bedding is mostly solid colors, a decorative Euro sham can be the focal point that ties the whole look together.

Choosing the Right Euro Sham Pillows for Your Home

When selecting Euro shams, consider the following elements to ensure they meet your decorative and practical needs:

Fabric Quality and Durability

Think about the longevity of the fabric. Natural fibers like cotton and linen are durable and easy to wash, making them ideal for shams that will be used regularly. For more decorative choices, silks and velvets are luxurious but may need special care.


The pillow insert that goes into a Euro sham is just as crucial as the sham itself. A quality insert will hold its shape and provide support. Look for down-filled or down-alternative options, depending on your allergic sensitivities and preference for firmness.


A Euro sham is as much about function as it is about fashion. It’s not just there to look pretty; when chosen wisely and styled correctly, it enhances your sleep environment’s comfort and aesthetics.

How to Care for Euro Sham Pillows

Proper maintenance is vital for keeping your Euro shams looking fresh and new. Here’s what you need to know to care for them correctly:

Washing and Cleaning

Always follow the care instructions on the sham’s label. Generally, cotton and linen shams can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and either air-dried or machine dried on a low setting. Delicate fabrics such as silk might require hand washing or professional cleaning.

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Ironing and Storage

If your Euro shams are made from a fabric that wrinkles easily, you may need to iron them for a crisp look. Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to prevent fading, especially if they are made of vibrant or dark colors.

Finishing Thoughts

Euro sham pillows can provide an instant upgrade to the aesthetic and comfort of your bedroom. They are versatile and can be switched out depending on the season or your decor mood, making them an ideal choice for those who like to keep their interiors fresh and up-to-date. Whether you opt for the opulence of velvet and silk or the understated elegance of linen and cotton, these pillows are an investment in your home’s style and comfort. With proper care, they can remain a focal point in your sleeping sanctuary for many years. Embrace the transformative power of the Euro sham and elevate your bedroom to a luxurious getaway every day.


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