How To Break In A Pillow?

Introduction to Breaking in a Pillow

Just as you need to break in a pair of new shoes before they become perfectly comfortable, a new pillow requires some breaking in too for optimal comfort. Simply put, breaking in a pillow involves a series of steps that you take to make your rest accessory softer and comfier.

The Importance of Breaking in a Pillow

Understanding the Concept

In most cases, new pillows are generally firm, which might not always offer the desired comfort level. The reason behind their stiffness is the freshness of the materials used to design them. Over time, with continuous use, the firmness level decreases, allowing you to experience a more comfortable and sound sleep. However, if you wish to hasten this process, you can do so with methods that effectively help in breaking in your new pillow.

Why Break in a New Pillow?

The process of breaking in a pillow is essential as it allows you to readjust, soften, and condition the pillow, helping it conform to the shape of your head and neck. This process promotes better cervical spine alignment, and therefore, a more restful sleep cycle. Moreover, breaking in a pillow can also enhance the durability of the product, prolonging its lifespan.

Steps to Break in a New Pillow

Step 1: Fluff Your Pillow

The first and easiest step is to gently fluff the pillow. This process involves taking the pillow by its ends and squeezing it inwards repeatedly. Keeping ample pressure will help redistribute the filling materials inside, leading to the softening of the new pillow.

Step 2: Apply Pressure on the Pillow

The next step to break in the pillow is by applying a considerable amount of pressure on it. This can be done by using your hands to press and knead the pillow, similar to kneading dough. Additionally, you can place heavy objects on the pillow or even sit on it to add weight and further encourage the softening process.

Step 3: Use the Pillow Frequently

Ensure that the pillow is used regularly, as continuous use will naturally condition the pillow. Whether sleeping or reading, make the most out of your pillow. You can also consider using the pillow in your sittings and loungings.

Step 4: Get a Pillowcase

Getting a soft, breathable pillowcase can also help accelerate the breaking in process. A pillowcase allows for better air circulation and exposure, contributing to a faster softening process.

Step 5: Rotate and Flip the Pillow

Another important step is to periodically rotate and flip the pillow. This will help even out the interior fillings, offering an even feel on both sides. Flip the pillow every week to prevent more pressure on one side than the other.

Maintenance after Breaking in Your Pillow

After breaking in your pillow, it is essential to maintain its shape and comfort level. For this, you should fluff the pillow daily, so it bounces back to its original shape. You should also look out for the manufacturer’s instructions for washing, as regular cleaning can impact the pillow’s longevity.

Other Factors to Consider

The process of breaking in a pillow varies from one type to another. This is because different materials have different natural firmness levels and react differently to pressure. Hence, it’s important to consider the kind of pillow you have, be it memory foam, latex, or down, and care for it accordingly.

Finishing Thoughts

Breaking in a new pillow is an essential step toward comfort, good sleep, and prolonging the lifespan of your pillow. Following the simple tips suggested in this article will help you reach this goal without too much hassle. However, opting for a pillow that matches your sleep preferences right from the start can save you from the trouble of breaking it in. After all, it’s all about your comfort and good sleep. Shop wisely!


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