Who Manufactures Dreamcloud Mattress?

The Dreamcloud Mattress Manufacturer

The Dreamcloud mattress, widely celebrated for its high-end design and affordability, is manufactured by Resident Home, a reputable home furnishing company with a strong commitment to comfort and quality. Based in the United States, Resident Home has a robust portfolio that includes other renowned mattress brands like Nectar, Awara, and Level Sleep.

Digging Deeper into Resident Home

The Origins of Resident Home

Resident Home’s inception dates back to 2016. The company was established with a vision to empower individuals with the right kind of products that truly elevate the quality of life at home. It was founded by Ran Reske, Eric Hutchinson, and Craig Schmeizer, who are all well-known entrepreneurs with a strong penchant for disrupting the traditional ways of doing business.

Their Marketing Prowess

Resident Home takes an innovative approach in marketing its products. Instead of physically displaying their mattresses in brick-and-mortar stores, the company sells directly to consumers via a robust digital platform. This strategic decision has not only helped eliminate additional overhead costs associated with physical retail stores, but also has allowed potential customers to conveniently buy mattresses from the comfort of their home.

A Myriad of Products

Beyond Dreamcloud, Resident Home manufactures a plethora of other sleep-related products. Some of these include Nectar mattresses, known for their body contouring properties and long trial period; Awara mattresses, a luxury eco-friendly choice with natural latex; and Level Sleep mattresses, designed to reduce pressure points and endorse proper spinal alignment.

Dreamcloud Mattresses: An In-depth Look

What Makes Them Stand Out

The Dreamcloud mattress, one of the flagship products of Resident Home, is known for its luxurious design, affordability, and outstanding comfort. It boasts unique features like a cashmere blend top cover, gel-infused memory foam, high-density foam layers, and a durable coil system. All these contribute to a sleep experience that is supportive, comfortable, and cooling.

The Manufacturing Process

Dreamcloud mattresses undergo a meticulous manufacturing process. Their hybrid design incorporates multiple layers of the highest-quality materials. The top layer is a hand-tufted cashmere blend cover which provides a plush and cooling feel. This is followed by layers of gel-infused memory foam, soft quilted foam, natural latex, and high-density foam, leading to excellent pressure relief and support. Completing the design is a sturdy coil system that not only extends durability but also promotes better breathability and cooling for sleepers.

Safety and Certifications

When it comes to safety and health-related concerns, Resident Home goes the extra mile. Dreamcloud mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified which means they are free from harmful substances like lead, mercury, and ozone depleters. They also ensure low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for better indoor air quality.

Finishing Thoughts

True to their mission of “Creating a Better Home at a Price Everyone Can Love,” Resident Home has been successful in making a remarkable impact on the mattress and home furnishing industry. Through their Dreamcloud mattress among other reputable products, they have managed to blend luxury, affordability, and durability in a perfect balance. For anyone looking for a quality sleep product, Resident Home’s Dreamcloud mattress can undeniably live up to their dream of a “good sleep.” With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship, and ethical practices, Resident Home continues to lead and redefine the future of mattress manufacturing.


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