Where Can I Buy A Hampton Inn Mattress?

Where to Buy a Hampton Inn Mattress

If you’re looking to purchase the same mattress you experienced at a Hampton Inn hotel, you can buy it directly from Hampton Inn’s official supplier, Serta. Through their website, you can find the exact mattress that is built specifically for Hampton Inn properties, ensuring you receive the same quality and comfort you enjoyed during your stay.

The Hampton Bed Difference

When staying at a Hampton Inn, you might have noticed the exceptional quality of the mattress on your bed. Hampton Inn mattresses are designed by Serta, a well-known and reputable brand in the mattress industry. These mattresses, known as the “Hampton Bed,” are beloved for their balance of comfort, support, and durability. You can now bring that hotel experience home by purchasing the same mattress directly from Serta.

Serta’s Hospitality Line

Serta has a dedicated hospitality line that caters specifically to hotels and other establishments. The Hampton Bed by Serta is part of this exclusive collection, making it a premium choice for those who seek top-tier sleep quality. When you buy a Hampton Inn mattress, you are essentially investing in a product that has been crafted to meet the highest standards of the hospitality industry.

How to Purchase Your Hampton Bed

Buying the Hampton Bed from Serta is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you know how to get the mattress you fell in love with at the Hampton Inn:

1. **Visit the Hampton Inn’s Official Bedding Website**: Hampton Inn has partnered with Serta to offer its exclusive mattresses through the bedding section on the Hampton Inn website. This ensures you are buying the authentic Hampton Inn mattress.

2. **Choose Your Mattress Size and Type**: Once on the website, you will find the variety of sizes and types available. The most common sizes include Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Additionally, there are different types based on firmness levels and specific needs.

3. **Add to Cart and Checkout**: Once you’ve selected the right mattress for you, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. The process is similar to any online shopping experience. You’ll have options for payment methods and shipping preferences.

4. **Delivery and Setup**: After purchasing, the mattress will be shipped to your home. Many vendors offer white-glove delivery services that include setting up the mattress in your desired location and removing any old bedding you may no longer need.

Features of the Hampton Inn Mattress

The Hampton Bed is crafted to provide numerous benefits that cater to a wide range of sleepers. Here are some notable features that make this mattress an excellent investment:

High-Quality Materials

Serta uses top-notch materials to ensure longevity and comfort. The mattress typically features a combination of advanced foams and innerspring technology. The innerspring coils provide firm support, while the foam layers add a soft comfort layer that adapts to your body shape.

Advanced Comfort Technology

One of the most celebrated aspects of the Hampton Inn Mattress is its advanced comfort technology, which can include features such as:

– **Cooling Gel Foam**: To regulate temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.
– **Edge Support**: Reinforced edges to prevent sagging and provide more sleeping space.
– **Motion Isolation**: Helps in reducing the disturbance caused by a partner moving during the night.


Given that these mattresses are designed for hotels, they are built to last! Hotel mattresses endure much more usage compared to typical residential mattresses, so you can expect long-lasting performance.

Why Choose a Hampton Inn Mattress?

Opting for a Hampton Inn mattress can be an excellent choice for numerous reasons:


You know what you’re getting. From the moment you check in to a Hampton Inn, you experience the same consistent quality. By buying the same mattress for your home, you ensure that you will get the same sleep quality every night.

Top 5 Mattresses Recommended By GoodSleepHub.com

Proven Comfort and Support

These mattresses have been tested and proven in the hospitality industry. They are praised for providing optimal comfort and support, making them highly reliable.

Positive Customer Reviews

The Hampton Bed gets many favorable reviews from guests and new owners alike. These reviews often highlight improved sleep quality and the overall satisfaction with the purchase. Knowing others have had positive experiences can give you confidence in your decision.

Other Options for Similar Mattresses

While purchasing directly from Serta ensures authenticity, it’s also worth exploring similar mattresses if you’re looking for other options. Here are a few avenues to consider:

Online Mattress Retailers

Many online mattress retailers offer products similar to the Hampton Bed. Brands like Casper, Leesa, and Tuft & Needle provide high-quality mattresses with specifications that might align closely with the Hampton Inn mattress.

Local Mattress Stores

Visiting a local mattress store allows you to test out different mattresses in person. While Serta mattresses may be available at many stores, be sure to ask specifically if they carry or can order the Hampton Bed model for you.

Comparative Brands

Other well-known brands like Tempur-Pedic, Simmons, and Sealy provide luxury hotel-quality mattresses that could serve as great alternatives. Comparing the specifications and customer feedback can help you find a mattress that meets your specific needs.

Caring for Your New Mattress

To ensure longevity and maintain the pristine quality of your new Hampton Inn mattress, some care must be taken:

Regular Cleaning

It’s good practice to clean your mattress every six months. This can involve vacuuming the surface and using mild cleaners for stains. Make sure to follow the specific care instructions provided by Serta.

Using a Mattress Protector

A waterproof and breathable mattress protector can shield your mattress from spills, stains, and allergens. This simple addition can significantly extend the life of your mattress.

Proper Support

Ensure your mattress has adequate support, typically involving a high-quality box spring or bed frame. Proper support prevents sagging and retains the integrity of the mattress over time.

Customer Service and Warranty

Purchasing directly from Serta often comes with the benefit of excellent customer service and a robust warranty policy:

Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, Serta’s customer service team is readily available to assist. Whether it’s about delivery, setup, or aftercare, helpful representatives are just a phone call or email away.


Most premium mattresses, including the Hampton Bed by Serta, come with a comprehensive warranty. Be sure to read the warranty information carefully so you understand what is covered and how to make a claim should something go wrong.

Finishing Thoughts

Bringing home the luxury and comfort of a Hampton Inn mattress is quite straightforward when you know where to look. By purchasing directly from Serta or exploring similar high-quality options, you can recreate the hotel sleep experience every night in your own home. With its advanced comfort technology, quality materials, and proven durability, the Hampton Bed by Serta stands out as an excellent investment in your sleep health.

Maintaining your new mattress through regular cleaning and using a mattress protector can ensure its longevity, giving you many years of superb comfort and support. So, why wait? Embark on your journey to better sleep today by considering the Hampton Inn mattress for your next purchase.


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