What Stores Sell Purple Mattress?

Understanding the Availability of Purple Mattresses

If you’ve been researching where to buy a Purple mattress, you’ll likely find them in a variety of retail stores as well as online. Purple mattresses are available at several well-known brick-and-mortar shops, both specialty mattress stores and large retail chains. They are also widely available across various online platforms.

Shopping at Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Buying a Purple mattress from a physical store has its advantages. One of the biggest benefits is that you get to try out the mattress before purchasing it. Different stores have varying policies on returns and exchanges, which can be advantageous if you’re still uncertain about your purchase. Here’s a more detailed look at where you might find Purple mattresses in-store:

Mattress and Furniture Stores

Purple has partnerships with various mattress and furniture stores. Retailers such as Mattress Firm often carry Purple mattresses. These stores are usually well-equipped to offer you a hands-on experience. Try different models to find out which one suits your comfort needs.

Furniture stores like Macy’s also offer Purple mattresses. These stores often have dedicated areas for sleep products, allowing you to compare Purple mattresses with other brands and types available on the market.

Big-Box Retailers

Large retail chains like Costco and Sam’s Club also stock Purple mattresses. These stores provide the advantage of convenience, as you can purchase several household items along with your mattress. Additionally, warehouse stores might offer discounts or bundles that are not available elsewhere.

Online Shopping for Purple Mattresses

Online shopping provides the advantage of greater convenience and often more extensive options. Here are some places you might find Purple mattresses online:

Official Purple Website

The best place to buy directly is from the official Purple website. By doing so, you can be assured of purchasing an authentic product. The website also provides detailed information on various models, including a comparison tool, customer reviews, and sleep trials.

Online Retail Giants

Amazon offers a selection of Purple mattresses, with customer reviews to give you insights into the experiences of other shoppers. Shipping is typically fast, and you may benefit from Amazon’s return policies and customer service standards.

Other online stores such as Walmart and eBay also carry Purple mattresses. Be cautious while shopping on these platforms to ensure you are purchasing from reliable sellers, and always check for return policies and warranties.

The Benefits of Purple Mattresses

Understanding why you might want to choose a Purple mattress over other brands can be helpful. Purple mattresses are known for their unique construction, primarily the hyper-elastic polymer grid that offers support and cooling features. The material adapts to your body and sleeping positions, providing optimal comfort and reducing pressure points.

Different Types of Purple Mattresses

When shopping for a Purple mattress, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the different models available:

Purple Original

The Purple Original mattress is made of the Purple Grid, which sits atop dual-layered foam. This combination offers a balance of comfort and support, ideal for back and side sleepers.

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid mattress combines the Purple Grid with a layer of individually wrapped coils. This model offers enhanced support and airflow, making it a good choice for those who prefer a firmer feel or tend to sleep hot.

Purple Hybrid Premier

This mattress comes with a thicker Purple Grid and individually wrapped coils, offering luxurious comfort and support. It is often recommended for individuals who want a plush sleeping experience that also provides excellent spinal alignment.

Why Buying In-Store Might Be Useful

While online shopping can be convenient, shopping in-store for a Purple mattress has distinct benefits:

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Hands-On Experience

Trying out the mattress in person allows you to get a feel for its firmness and comfort level. This can be especially useful if you’re undecided between different models or are new to the Purple brand.

Expert Advice

Sales associates at specialty mattress stores or furniture stores are usually well-trained and can provide expert advice. They can help you understand the different materials and constructions, which might aid in making an informed decision.

Immediate Availability

Shopping in-store can also give you the advantage of taking your mattress home immediately, whereas online purchases often require some waiting time for delivery.

Convenience of Online Shopping

For those who value convenience and prefer to shop from the comfort of their home, online shopping for a Purple mattress is a beneficial option. Here are some perks:

Wide Selection

Online platforms often have a broader selection of mattress models and sizes available. This allows you to explore all the options that Purple offers without being confined to the store’s stock.

Customer Reviews

Shopping online gives you access to reviews and ratings from other customers. These can offer valuable insights into the performance and durability of different Purple mattress models.

Sales and Discounts

Various online retailers frequently offer sales, discounts, or bundles on Purple mattresses. You may find special promotions that aren’t available in physical stores.

What to Look for When Shopping

Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, there are several factors to keep in mind:

Warranty and Return Policy

Ensure that the mattress comes with a comprehensive warranty and a feasible return policy. This can provide peace of mind and protect your investment in the long run.

Sleep Trials

Many retailers—both online and in-store—offer sleep trials, allowing you to test the mattress at home for a certain period. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of these trials.

Price Comparison

Prices can vary between different retailers. Always compare costs—including shipping and any additional fees—to get the best deal.

Personal Factors to Consider

When choosing a Purple mattress, it’s not just about the store but also about your personal needs:

Sleeping Position

Different models cater to different sleeping positions. For instance, the Purple Original is great for side sleepers, while the Purple Hybrid might suit back sleepers better.


Purple mattresses come at various price points. Assess your budget before making a choice, and don’t forget to consider possible financing options provided by the retailers.


Some people prefer a softer bed, while others need more support. Your comfort preference plays a crucial role in choosing the right mattress.

Customer Support and Service

Good customer service can make your shopping experience smoother. Whether buying in-store or online, ensure that support is readily available to answer your queries and assist with any issues post-purchase.

In-Store Services

Physical stores often provide customer support in person, making it easy to get immediate help. They might also offer delivery and setup services for an added convenience.

Online Customer Service

Online retailers typically have customer support via chat, email, or phone. Look for stores with good reputations for responsiveness and effectiveness in resolving issues.

Finishing Thoughts

Finding a Purple mattress isn’t difficult, thanks to the numerous options available both in physical stores and online. Physical stores, including mattress and furniture stores, allow you to try before you buy and benefit from professional advice. On the other hand, online shopping offers convenience, competitive pricing, and the advantage of customer reviews. Regardless of where you choose to buy your Purple mattress, understanding your personal needs, budget, and the benefits of the different options will help you make a well-informed decision. Happy mattress shopping, and here’s to many restful nights ahead!


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