What Stores Sell Nectar Mattress?

When it comes to purchasing a Nectar mattress, customers have various options. Nectar mattresses are available for purchase online directly through the Nectar website, as well as through other online retailers such as Amazon. Additionally, shoppers can find Nectar mattresses in a range of brick-and-mortar stores. Partnerships with retailers like Mattress Firm, Macy’s, and other regional bedding stores ensure that many consumers have the opportunity to try a Nectar mattress in person before making a purchase.

Online Purchase Options

Buying Direct from Nectar

One of the most straightforward ways to purchase a Nectar mattress is to go straight to the source. The Nectar website provides customers with detailed information about their mattresses, including construction, materials, and pricing, as well as customer reviews. Buying directly from Nectar comes with several perks, including a risk-free trial period, free shipping and returns, and a “forever warranty” that covers certain types of damage and wear.

Purchasing from Online Retailers

Online retail giants like Amazon also carry Nectar mattresses. This option might appeal to those who are comfortable with online shopping and appreciate the convenience of Amazon’s shipping options, especially for Prime members. It’s essential to check the specifics when ordering from Amazon or other online marketplaces, as some terms, like the length of the trial period or warranty coverage, may vary compared to buying directly from Nectar.

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Big-Box Retail Partnerships

For those who prefer to test a mattress before buying, visiting a big-box retailer like Mattress Firm could be the ideal choice. Many of these chains have floor models of Nectar mattresses available to try out. Knowledgeable staff can also provide assistance and answer any questions you might have. Mattress Firm often has exclusive in-store deals or financing options, which might suit some buyers’ preferences or financial situations.

Department Stores

Department stores such as Macy’s are also known for their comprehensive bedding departments and may stock Nectar mattresses. Shopping at a department store can offer a luxurious retail experience, and you may also find bundle deals that include other bedding accessories or loyalty points if you’re a store member.

Local and Regional Bedding Stores

Some local and regional bedding stores have partnerships with Nectar and stock their mattresses. These smaller, specialized stores can provide a more personalized shopping experience. Purchasing from these retailers can support local businesses while still getting the advantages of owning a Nectar mattress.

Advantages of Shopping for Nectar Mattresses In-Store

Hands-On Trial

Testing a mattress in person can be helpful for those who are unsure about the feel and firmness level they prefer. Lying on a mattress, even for a few minutes, can give a good initial impression of comfort and support.

Personal Interaction

Store personnel can offer immediate advice and insights, responding to concerns and helping you understand the benefits of each mattress type. They might also be able to guide you through the purchasing process, from selection to delivery and setup.

Negotiation Opportunities

In some stores, prices might be negotiable. This is often not the case with online purchases. Additionally, salespeople in store may be able to provide info on upcoming sales or discounts.

Things To Consider When Shopping For a Nectar Mattress

Bed-in-a-Box vs. Traditional Delivery

Nectar mattresses, like many modern mattresses, come compressed in a box. This bed-in-a-box format can simplify shipping and handling. However, there are also traditional delivery options that might include setup services.

Comparing Prices and Promotions

It’s wise to compare the prices and promotional offers across various retailers. Sometimes exclusive deals are available during holidays or special sale events.

Understanding the Terms

Always be sure you fully understand the terms of the sale, including the warranty, trial period, return policy, and any additional fees for delivery or setup.

Verifying Authenticity

When purchasing from a retailer other than Nectar itself, confirm that the product is genuine and comes with the standard guarantees that Nectar offers.

Financing Options

Many retailers, both online and in-store, provide financing options for purchasing a mattress. These can range from credit card payments to specialized financing plans that allow for monthly payments. This can make investing in a mattress more accessible for those who prefer not to pay the full amount upfront.

Customer Support and Aftercare

Buying from a reputable retailer ensures that you will have support in case there are any issues with your mattress. Inquire about the customer support offered by the retailer and read reviews to see other customers’ aftercare experiences.

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Environmental and Health Certifications

For those concerned about the environmental impact and health implications of their mattress, Nectar mattresses hold CertiPUR-USĀ® certification, which means they are made without ozone-depleting chemicals and have low emissions for indoor air quality.

Finishing Thoughts

Choosing where to buy a Nectar mattress depends on individual preferences, whether prioritizing the convenience of online ordering, the personal touch of in-store shopping, or the peace of mind from purchasing through a trusted retailer. The most important thing is to be well-informed about the product and terms of purchase. No matter where you choose to buy your Nectar mattress, ensuring you get the right balance of comfort, support, and value is key to enjoying restful, rejuvenating sleep for years to come.


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