What Does Mattress Firm Warranty Cover?

When you invest in a mattress from Mattress Firm, it comes with a warranty designed to protect you against specific defects and ensure your satisfaction with the product. The exact coverage will depend on the manufacturer as Mattress Firm retails various brands. Generally, a Mattress Firm warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship, including issues like coils or wires that are loose or broken, sagging or indentations in the mattress surface that meet a certain depth requirement, and splits or cracks in the material that are not the result of improper use. It’s important to note that most warranty claims require that the mattress be properly supported and free from stains or signs of misuse.

Understanding Mattress Firm Warranty Coverage

To understand your Mattress Firm warranty fully, it’s crucial to read through the documentation provided with your purchase. Here’s a deeper look into some common elements you’ll find in most warranty policies.

Manufacturing and Material Defects

A core aspect of the warranty is to protect against defects that are due to the manufacturing process or the quality of materials used. These defects can impact the performance and durability of your mattress.


The art of constructing a mattress is no small feat, and a warranty from Mattress Firm typically ensures that if there’s any flaw due to the construction of the mattress, you’re covered. This may include loose seams or the detachment of mattress layers.

Mattress Core (Springs and Foam)

The core components like springs in an innerspring mattress or the foam in memory foam mattresses are covered for defects. This would involve springs that are misshaped or foam that doesn’t rebound as it should.

Specific Measurement for Indentations or Sagging

Mattress warranties often mention specific measurements for what constitutes a defect. For example, indentations in a mattress surface must usually exceed a certain depth (often 1.5 inches) before they are considered a defect eligible for warranty coverage.

Edge Support

Mattress edges are another potential point of weakness. A warranty may cover you for issues involving edge support giving way, provided it’s not due to improper handling.

What Mattress Firm Warranty Does Not Cover

It’s just as important to understand what is not covered by your Mattress Firm warranty. Wear and tear from regular use is typically not covered. Here are some common exclusions you might find:

– Comfort preference after the sleep trial period
– Burns, stains, and soil damages from use
– Damage from improper bed frame support
– Mattresses sold “as-is” or “floor models”
– Normal increase in softness of the foam material or a decrease in the slow recovery feature of the memory foam, neither of which affect the pressure-relieving qualities

Additionally, many warranties are voided if the mattress is soiled, has been mishandled, or been exposed to moisture, which is why it’s advised to use a mattress protector.

How to Use a Mattress Firm Warranty

In the event that you need to use your warranty, there is a process to follow that will help you manage your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Keep Your Receipt and Warranty Documentation

Firstly, it’s essential to keep your original purchase receipt and all warranty documents. The warranty card or booklet will contain the details of your warranty period and what is specifically covered.

Inspect Your Mattress Regularly

Regularly inspect your mattress for any signs of defects. This includes checking for unusual lumps or sagging.

Contact Mattress Firm Promptly

If you find a defect that you believe is covered under your warranty, contact Mattress Firm promptly. They will provide you with the next steps, which typically involve providing proof of purchase and often require a visual inspection or photographs of the defect.

Understand the Warranty Claim Process

During the warranty claim process, you may have to fill out forms and describe the issue in detail. Mattress Firm or the mattress manufacturer will then review the claim to determine if it falls within the warranty coverage.

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Be Aware of Potential Costs

Be mindful that some warranties may cover the replacement or repair of your mattress but might not cover shipping or transportation costs. In some cases, you may also be responsible for a prorated charge depending on how long you have had the mattress.

The Importance of Mattress Support and Maintenance

Maintaining the condition of your mattress and ensuring proper support is pivotal in upholding your warranty.

Bed Frame Requirements

Many warranties require the mattress to be supported by an appropriate bed frame. For queen and king-sized beds, this often means having a frame with a center support that prevents sagging.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance like rotating your mattress (if applicable), using a mattress protector, and ensuring it is clean and dry will also help to ensure that you stay within the terms of the warranty.

Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Avoid jumping on the bed, as this can damage the internal structure, and be aware of the mattress’s weight capacity. Exceeding this can lead to damage that won’t be covered by your warranty.

Finishing Thoughts

Mattress Firm’s warranties are designed to provide peace of mind and assurance in the quality of your purchase. By understanding what is covered—and what is not—you can be better prepared to handle any issues that arise. Remember that maintaining the proper support and taking care of your mattress are key factors in keeping the warranty valid. Should you need to make a claim, being prompt, organized with your documentation, and following the outlined processes will help ensure a smoother resolution. Always be sure to read your specific warranty details as coverage may vary between manufacturers and models, so you have a clear understanding of what to expect from your warranty coverage.


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