What Does Mattress Firm Do With Old Mattresses?

When you purchase a new mattress from Mattress Firm, you’ll often have the option to have your old mattress taken away. Mattress Firm partners with recycling companies and donation centers to ensure that old mattresses are disposed of in an eco-friendly way or are given a second life when possible. This means they either recycle the components of the mattresses or donate them to charities and nonprofits, assuming the mattress is in a condition that meets health and safety standards and doesn’t have any structural damage or significant wear.

The Need for Responsible Mattress Disposal

In the current consumer landscape, issues such as reducing waste and protecting the environment are taking center stage. Mattresses are bulky and difficult to dispose of; they can’t just be left out for the regular trash collection in most areas.

Mattresses contain a variety of materials, such as foam, steel, fibers, and wood, many of which can be recycled. However, mattresses that end up in landfills can create several problems—they take up a lot of space and can take decades to decompose. Inefficient decomposition can lead to the release of greenhouse gases, and the springs can get tangled in machinery, causing operational problems.

Keeping these factors in mind, Mattress Firm, like many other retailers, has leaned into more sustainable disposal practices.

Recycling Program Partnering

Mattress Firm collaborates with recycling organizations that deconstruct mattresses and box springs to salvage materials that can be repurposed. For example, the metal springs can be melted down and used in manufacturing new metal products. The foam can be turned into carpet padding, and the fibers can be used in industrial filters. Even the wood frame can be chipped down and used in landscaping or biomass fuel.

Donation Programs

If the mattress is gently used and still in good condition, Mattress Firm may partner with non-profit organizations to donate it. This is an excellent way to help those in need—such as victims of natural disasters, low-income families, or individuals transitioning out of homelessness.

The Process of Handling Old Mattresses

Inspection and Assessment

When you hand over your old mattress to Mattress Firm, the first step generally involves inspecting the mattress to decide if it can be donated or needs to be recycled. Mattresses that have visible stains, tears, structural damage, or signs of infestation are not suitable for donation and will likely be sent directly to recycling centers.

Pick-up and Transportation

When your new mattress is delivered, the old one is then taken away. How Mattress Firm handles the pick-up and transportation of the old mattress may vary by location and the partnerships they have in place. Some stores may have their own recycling centers, while others may work with local or regional recyclers.

Breakdown and Separation

At the recycling center, mattresses are broken down into their core components. Workers or machines carefully disassemble each piece, sorting the materials into different categories for future use.

The Benefits of Mattress Recycling

Recycling old mattresses provides a host of environmental and societal benefits. It reduces the strain on landfills, minimizes the carbon footprint associated with waste decomposition, and prevents potentially hazardous materials from leaching into the ground. Moreover, recycling enables the repurposing of mattress components, which conserves resources and supports recycling industries.

Supporting Sustainable Industries

By recycling mattress components, Mattress Firm helps support industries that utilize recycled materials. This can help drive the economy of green products and encourages innovation in using recycled materials in new ways.

Creating Jobs

Mattress recycling also contributes to job creation in the green economy. Recycling centers require staff to operate equipment, disassemble mattresses, and transport materials, providing employment opportunities in local communities.

Purchaser Participation

Many consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that demonstrates corporate social responsibility by engaging in eco-friendly practices. When you choose to let Mattress Firm take care of your old mattress, you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future. You have the option to be a part of this process and play a role in the responsible disposal of old mattresses.

Challenges in Mattress Recycling

While Mattress Firm and other retailers are contributing to a growing effort in responsible recycling, there are still challenges in the industry. Not all materials in a mattress are easily recyclable, and not all areas have accessible recycling facilities. Additionally, the cost of transportation and recycling can be high, and these initiatives are often funded by retailers or through mattress recycling fees that some states require consumers to pay upon the purchase of a new mattress.

Innovation and Development

There is a continuous need for innovation in the mattress recycling process to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and find new uses for recycled materials. Mattress Firm’s participation in recycling efforts can also influence the product design of new mattresses, potentially leading to more environmentally friendly designs that are easier to recycle.

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Finishing Thoughts

Mattress Firm’s decision to engage in the responsible disposal of old mattresses represents a commitment to environmental sustainability and community support. By recycling materials and donating usable mattresses, they not only reduce environmental impact but also provide essential services and goods to those in need. As consumers, when we participate in these programs, we contribute to a healthier planet and a more circular economy. Considering the comprehensive approach needed for efficient mattress recycling, it’s clear that this is not just a company or industry effort, but a collaborative endeavor that requires support from retailers, governments, communities, and individual consumers alike.


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