How Much To Haul Away Mattress?

Cost Factors Involved in Mattress Disposal

When it comes to disposing of an old mattress, several factors will determine the cost of hauling it away. In general, you may expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 for mattress removal services, depending on a variety of factors such as your location, the number of mattresses you need hauled away, and any additional services that may be required.

Location and Accessibility

Where you live can greatly influence the cost of mattress disposal. Prices may be higher in urban areas where the cost of living is greater compared to rural areas. Additionally, accessibility to your mattress, such as if you live in a multi-story building without an elevator, can impact the price due to the extra labor involved in removing the mattress.

Size and Quantity of Mattresses

The size of your mattress (single, double, queen, king, or California king) and the number of mattresses you’re disposing of will also factor into the cost. Disposing of multiple mattresses at once might result in a discount from some service providers, but overall, additional mattresses will increase the cost.

Condition of the Mattress

If your mattress is heavily soiled or has bed bugs, additional fees may apply due to the extra precautions and treatments needed to handle such items safely.

Additional Services

Some service providers might offer additional services like donating a still-usable mattress to charity or recycling parts of the mattress. These environmentally-friendlier options might come with a slightly higher cost due to the added steps in the disposal process.

Methods of Mattress Disposal and Their Costs

There are several ways to dispose of an old mattress, each with varying costs and requirements. Here’s a closer look at the primary methods and what you might expect to pay for them.

Municipal Pickup Services

Many cities offer bulk trash pickup services that can include mattress disposal. This can sometimes be the most cost-effective option, possibly even free or for a nominal fee. However, you’ll often have to adhere to a specific pickup schedule and prepare the mattress in a certain way.

Private Hauling and Junk Removal Services

Private companies can come to your home and take away your mattress for disposal or recycling. The convenience of these services generally comes with higher costs, typically in the range mentioned above, but could be higher depending on the company and the services provided.

Drop-Off at Recycling Centers

If you have the means to transport the mattress yourself, dropping it off at a local recycling center can be an economical choice. Fees will vary based on the facility’s policies ā€” some may accept your mattress for free, while others charge a fee typically between $20 to $40.

Retailer Take-Back Programs

When purchasing a new mattress, some retailers offer take-back services where they dispose of your old mattress, often for a fee. This fee is usually added to the purchase price of the new mattress and can range widely based on the retailer.

DIY Disposal

If you’re up for a bit of a project, breaking down the mattress yourself can save you money on disposal costs. While the monetary cost may be minimal, this method requires time, effort, and a proper understanding of how to disassemble and dispose of the mattress components responsibly.

Understanding Recycling and Donation Options

Mattress recycling is a green alternative to simply throwing away your old mattress. Many parts of a mattress can be recycled ā€” the foam, fibers, and metal springs all have secondary market uses. In addition to local recycling centers, some non-profit organizations accept mattresses for recycling, often at a lower cost than general disposal.

Donating your gently used mattress is another option. Many charities and local shelters will accept mattresses that are in good condition and free of bed bugs or major damage. While this doesn’t cost anything, it does require time and effort to coordinate with the organization.

Reducing Costs Through Research and Planning

Research is key to reducing your mattress disposal costs. By examining the different services available in your area and comparing prices, you’ll be able to find the most affordably priced options.

Planning ahead can also mean saving on disposal costs. If your city has scheduled bulk waste pickups, making sure you’re ready for those can take a mattress off your hands for free or at a low cost. Additionally, bundling other junk items with your mattress disposal can sometimes lead to a bulk discount through a private hauling company.

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Alternatives to Mattress Disposal

Before you consider hauling away your old mattress, contemplate alternatives that could benefit you or someone else, such as:

Selling: A lightly used mattress in good condition may have some resale value.
Repurposing: You could reuse parts of the mattress for DIY projects. For example, the foam padding can be great for cushioning or soundproofing.
Upcycling: Creative individuals might turn parts of their old mattresses into furniture or art.

Finishing Thoughts

Disposing of an old mattress responsibly doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive ordeal. You’ve got numerous options, ranging from city-organized pick-ups to private hauling and recycling centers, with costs varying by service, location, mattress condition, and additional requirements. It’s always wise to research ahead to find the best solution tailored to your needs, and don’t forget to consider donation or resale for mattresses still in usable condition. By taking the right approach, you’ll ensure that your mattress disposal or repurposing is as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible.


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