How Long To Get Used To A New Mattress?

Adjustment Period for a New Mattress

Adapting to a new mattress typically takes between 30 to 90 days. However, this period can vary significantly from person to person, depending on individual sensitivity, the type of mattress, and the difference between the new mattress and the old one. While some may adjust within a few days, others might need several weeks to fully become accustomed to their new sleeping surface.

Understanding the Break-In Period

The concept of a “break-in” period is essential when discussing the adjustment to a new mattress. During this time, the materials in the mattress will soften and conform to your body. Simultaneously, your body is adjusting to the new support and comfort levels provided by the mattress. This acclimatization process is influenced by several factors.

The Type of Materials Used

Mattresses come in various types such as memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid models, each with unique materials and feel. Memory foam, for example, may initially feel firmer and then gradually conform to your body shape. In contrast, an innerspring mattress will have a more immediate bounce-back reaction.

Body Weight and Sleep Positions

Your weight and preferred sleep position will affect how quickly you get used to a mattress. Heavier individuals may notice a more significant and quicker change in mattress firmness than lighter individuals. Side sleepers might feel pressure points more intensely on a new mattress as compared to back or stomach sleepers.

Previous Mattress Comparison

How different your new mattress is from your old one will also impact your adjustment period. If you’ve been sleeping on a very old or sagging mattress, your body might have been compensating for inadequate support, and now it needs to relearn how to rest on a properly supportive surface.

Strategies for Getting Used to a New Mattress

Despite the adjustment period being somewhat out of your control, there are strategies that can help ease the transition to your new mattress.

Consistency is Key

Make a concerted effort to sleep on your new mattress every night. This helps your body to adjust to the new feel more quickly. Avoid the temptation to switch between your new and old mattress, as this can prolong the adjustment period.

Proper Bed Base

Ensure your new mattress is paired with the correct bed base. Some mattresses require a solid foundation, while others may need a box spring or a slatted base. Using an incompatible base can not only affect how the mattress feels but can also void warranties.

Understanding Firmness Levels

Know that the firmness of a mattress can feel different based on room temperature and how long you’ve been lying on it. Memory foam, in particular, is temperature-sensitive and will soften with your body heat throughout the night.

Considering Mattress Topper Additions

If after some weeks you find the mattress still slightly uncomfortable, a mattress topper could be a bridge solution. Adding a topper can either increase plushness or support, depending on your needs.

Break-in Period Vs. Defects

During the adjustment period, it’s also crucial to discern between an uncomfortable break-in process and a defective mattress. Signs that might indicate a defect include noticeable sagging or lumps, unevenness in the surface, or protruding springs in innerspring mattresses.

Warranty & Sleep Trials

Most mattress companies offer sleep trials and warranties. If, after an appropriate period, you still haven’t adjusted to the mattress, you may be able to return it under these policies. Be sure to read these policies thoroughly before making a purchase so you understand the conditions and timelines.

Listening to Your Body

While the adjustment period is normal, don’t ignore persistent pain or discomfort. If you find that you’re experiencing significant sleep disturbances or aches after the expected adjustment period, it might be worth consulting a healthcare provider to ensure there isn’t an underlying issue interfering with your sleep.

Patience and Expectation Management

Patience plays a vital role when getting used to a new mattress. Understand that it can be a gradual process and setting realistic expectations can help ease potential frustration. Remember, your sleep quality is likely to improve once your body has adapted to the new mattress.

Positional Adjustments

Part of getting accustomed to a new mattress may involve changing your sleep position or pillow usage. Particularly if the firmness levels vary significantly from your old mattress, minor changes to your sleeping style could be beneficial for comfort.

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Engaging in Good Sleep Hygiene

The adjustment period can be an excellent opportunity to reevaluate and improve your overall sleep habits. Ensuring you have a cool, quiet, and dark environment, sticking to a nightly routine, and avoiding screens before bedtime can all contribute to a better sleep experience, helping your body to relax and adjust to the new mattress.

Seeking Professional Advice

If you’re having issues acclimatizing to the mattress, consider discussing your difficulties with sleep experts or mattress store staff. They may be able to provide insights into how to better break in the mattress or whether a different product would suit your needs better.

Finishing Thoughts

Transitioning to a new mattress can be both an exciting and challenging experience. Everyone’s body reacts differently, so while the average adjustment period is between 30 to 90 days, it’s perfectly normal to fall outside this range. Pay attention to how your body is reacting, and make use of sleep trials if necessary. In due time, with a little patience and some practical adjustments, your new mattress will likely become a cornerstone of restful, rejuvenating sleep.


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