How Long Does It Take A Dreamcloud Mattress To Inflate?

How Long Does It Take A Dreamcloud Mattress To Inflate?

Understanding how long it takes for a Dreamcloud mattress to inflate is essential for anyone who has purchased or is considering purchasing one. Generally, a Dreamcloud mattress takes around 24 to 72 hours to fully inflate after being removed from its packaging. However, it is often usable within a few hours, reaching approximately 90% of its final inflated state.

What Influences the Inflation Time?

Several factors can impact the inflation time of a Dreamcloud mattress. Knowing these will help you manage expectations and properly prepare for using your new mattress.

Room Temperature

The room temperature plays a significant role in how quickly the materials inside the mattress expand. Warmer rooms tend to facilitate faster inflation since heat makes the foam more pliable. Conversely, colder environments slow down the process. Therefore, if you live in a cooler climate or are setting up the mattress in a chilly room, it might take closer to the full 72 hours to reach its optimal form.

Humidity Levels

Humidity can also affect inflation. Higher humidity levels can cause the foam to absorb more moisture from the air, potentially prolonging the inflation process. On the other hand, moderate humidity levels usually lead to quicker inflation.

Initial Setup

Upon receiving your Dreamcloud mattress, you’ll need to unbox it and allow it to decompress. Ensuring that the mattress is laid out flat in a well-ventilated area will help maximize the rate at which it inflates. You may also gently walk or press on the mattress to accelerate the process.

Layers and Materials

Understanding the materials and layers inside a Dreamcloud mattress gives insight into why it needs time to fully inflate.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is known for its excellent contouring capabilities and comfort. However, it’s also a material that requires time to expand fully. The memory foam layers in the Dreamcloud mattress need adequate time to reach their full loft and supportive capacity.

Base Support Layer

The base support layer is often made of denser foam, which provides structural integrity. This layer is designed to be firm and supportive, but its density means it takes longer to reach its full height compared to the softer foam layers.

Gel Infusions and Quilted Top

Dreamcloud mattresses often feature gel-infused foam, which helps regulate temperature and provides additional support. The top quilted layer is designed for initial comfort and needs to air out and expand for a comfortable sleeping surface.

Why Wait the Full 72 Hours?

While your Dreamcloud mattress may appear ready to use after just a few hours, waiting the full 72 hours ensures optimal performance and comfort. The additional time allows all layers to expand fully, offering you the best support and durability.

Comfort and Performance

Using the mattress before it is fully inflated may compromise the comfort and support it is designed to offer. The memory foam layers need time to adapt and reach their full potential, providing you with the contouring and cushioning that Dreamcloud mattresses are known for.


Waiting ensures that all the materials have properly expanded, potentially extending the mattress’s lifespan. Premature use might lead to uneven wear and tear, affecting its durability over time.

Tips for Faster Inflation

Taking specific steps can help expedite the inflation process, making your mattress ready to use more quickly.

Optimal Conditions

Ensure that the room where the mattress is inflating is warm, well-ventilated, and has moderate humidity levels. If you have a dehumidifier or air conditioner, using these devices can help create optimal conditions for faster inflation.

Tweaking and Adjustments

Gently walk on the mattress or use your hands to press on it to help the foam spread out and expand more quickly. However, avoid using sharp objects or excessive force, as this could damage the mattress.

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Caring for Your Inflated Mattress

Once your Dreamcloud mattress is fully expanded, proper care can extend its life and ensure that it provides the best sleep experience.

Regular Rotation

To maintain even wear and prolong the mattress’s lifespan, rotate it head-to-foot every few months. This prevents uneven compression and keeps the support layers in good condition.

Use a Mattress Protector

A high-quality mattress protector guards against spills, stains, and dust mites. It also helps maintain the integrity of the mattress materials, keeping them in optimal condition for a longer period.

Adequate Support

Ensure that your Dreamcloud mattress is placed on a suitable foundation or bed frame. Proper support also aids in the longevity and performance of the mattress.

Finishing Thoughts

In summary, a Dreamcloud mattress typically takes about 24 to 72 hours to fully inflate, although it may reach around 90% of its size within a few hours. Factors such as room temperature, humidity levels, and initial setup conditions can influence this time frame. Understanding the materials and care needed for your mattress will ensure a better sleep experience and extend its lifespan. With these insights, you can fully enjoy the comfort and support that a Dreamcloud mattress offers, giving you peaceful and refreshing nights for years to come.


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